bree lowry

"fall in love with taking care of yourself"

I am a strength & conditioning coach + plant based + dog mom + entrepreneur + boss + healer + personal development advocate 

My purpose is to hold space + add humour + sweat + serve others 


Every cell in my body vibrates when I have the ability to meet someone new and introduce them to the lifestyle of health and wellness.

️I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a village of experts, motivators, mentors and mostly love during my time in this field. I started my journey playing sports at a young age and quickly grew to realize how much I love the human body - how it moves, heals, breathes, balances, feels and adapts

This lead me to Brock University to complete my Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree. 
Graduating in 2015 I spent the summer as a Director of Fitness at Camp Olympia working with young athletes. Following that I worked at TWIST Sport & Conditioning as a coach training youth athletes and general population.  


This is when my soul KNEW - I loved to work with general population. Helping everyday humans live a balanced life.

I stumbled upon SWAT Health where I grew my passion and knowledge and worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for 4 years. In my last year became the Director of Health & Wellness where I hosted community events, lunch and learns, corporate affiliations and connected with companies such as; Lululemon, MLSE, LiveNation, Genuine Health, GTS Kombucha, Saje, Drop Boxing, Ecobee, Labatt, RIDE, Nike and endless amounts of clients in various companies. 

I found so much passion in connecting people in a way where you can work out, enjoy fitness, sweat and then crack a beer afterward


During my years of practice I have been blessed to be able to work with various amounts of human beings. From the beginning of my undergrad I have worked with all ages, all genders, all orientations, all ethnicities & all levels of health.
The multitude of people I have worked with have come from diverse backgrounds whether that be career based, upbringings, personal growth or lifestyles.

throwing it back 👱🏽‍♀️#oneyear.jpg

"We are all self aware lost souls
- just looking for a little guidance " 


I started my journey working with people who have suffered acute and/or chronic injuries from athletic injuries to severe complete/incomplete spinal cord injuries.

I have worked with:
Those who suffered from chronic lower back pain and those with chronic heart break.

Sufferers of MS, CP, to those in maintenance mode who are trying to sustain an active lifestyle.

Young athletes on power and strength to seniors working on balance and endurance.

Husbands and wives, dads and moms (even the odd baby here and there - but that’s mostly just distracting them so parents can train).

People who suffer ailments, disease, imbalances, impingements and mental health disorders.

Humans who are happy, loving, supportive, and caregivers. 

CEOs, entrepreneurs, employees and the unemployed.

Actors, athletes and average folk.

From pre/post natal clients to those attempting to conceive, to those that have suffered multiple losses or miscarriages.

I have worked with the most intelligent, the beautifully broken, the optimistic, the lonely, and the loved. 

Every ounce of energy I pour into my days are because of each person I’ve met along the path of this beautiful life.
I am so grateful I have met each and every soul that has entered into my orbit and I am so grateful that you have chosen me to enter yours.