focus your mind
train your body 
heal your soul 

just breethe

breethe lifestyle is simple.

  • practice mindfulness

  • gratitude + awareness

  • sleep importance 

  • manage stress 

  • hormonal balancing 

  • consistency + simplicity diet

  • 90/10 approach 

  • eat nutrient dense whole foods 

  • calorie + macro targets 

  • find foods you LOVE

  • get STRONGER​

  • train 3 times a week

  • train to technical failure

  • learn how to track your progress

  • live an active lifestyle 



Hello loves!
My name is Bree Lowry and I am the Founder of breethe. 

My vibe is to be authentic and attentive.
During every training session my energy and passion goes into every second with each client.

I hold space for clients to lift, sweat, put aside their ego, be vulnerable, embrace insecurities all while focusing on moving better, breathing better, lifting better, and feeling better. 

I cultivate a climate for clients to adapt healthy habits and emphasize the importance of balance between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

The goal is to make fitness fun - truly. 

Drink that glass of wine, go out for dinner with your friends, sleep in, indulge in the things you love and do it without feeling any guilt or shame. 

We are all on this planet to enjoy it - so find your purpose and make it powerful.

I allow you to turn off your multitasking mind and focus your thoughts in the present and what goals you can achieve right here and now.
Together we crush goals like: get more 'toned' aka more muscular, get stronger, run faster, decrease body fat,
feel more confident, increase self love, do a pull up, eliminate pain and injury, sleep better, be more energetic or just love life a little more. 
What ever your goal is: 

My background in Kinesiology, athletic therapy courses, years working alongside top-notch clinicians,
as well as my own athletics & injuries have helped shaped me as a coach and guide for all my clients.
My knowledge in training, with over 6 years of in-person clients and my deep curiosity with personal development (physically + mentally)
I have truly found my passion in the training & wellness world.

My purpose is to make living a healthy lifestyle simple, straightforward and enjoyable. 
& I welcome you to the family!



hours of operation:

monday: 6am-7pm
tuesday: 6am-2pm
wednesday: 6am-7pm
thursday: 6am-5pm
friday: 7am-2pm 
saturday: closed
sunday: closed


call or text: 289-929-8777


nervous? good. means you're growing. 

I am excited to connect with you!!


Here is the wonderful truth: I could say "you won't be disappointed with Bree"... but that would be a massive injustice to what you're actually going to get out of your time with her.

Firstly, you can expect to instantly feel that YOUR goals have immediately become HERS too. She's invested in your success at day one. Secondly, her ENERGY. It's a vibe that's contagious from the moment you meet her.

Straight up - you find yourself wanting to be your best because she brings her best - every day. 

Bree's a life changer. Change my mind. I dare you

Rich K,
Director of Sales
Hotel Revenue 

Training with Bree is one of my favourite parts of my week. I look forward to my sessions and can't wait for the next. She is so enthusiastic and positive. She motivates me to push past what I think is possible to achieve even bigger goals. Bree is incredibly knowledgable about all aspects of training and continually shares new information with me. Training with Bree has made me more confident in myself and has encouraged me to try new things.  

Olivia U,


When I signed up for my first personal training session I was admittedly nervous however, those nerves quickly subsided during my first session with Bree. I have been working out now for nearly two years. She has been an incredible addition to my life - the passion, dedication and knowledge that she brings to every workout is unparalleled. I can safely say what started as a need to get moving and invest in both my physical and mental health turned into the part of my week that I look forward to most! 

If you are at all nervous about starting personal training, don't be - you are in excellent hands 

Emily J-B,
VP Communications

My experience with Bree Lowry has been overwhelmingly positive, mostly because she affects different areas of my life in great ways. She helps to provide me with the confidence to be successful in a manner far beyond any Trainer/Coach I've known or worked with. Her passion and drive are infectious, coupled with her ability to motivate translates into tremendous physical results for her clients. Difficult to sum up this "force of nature" in just a few words...

Jarrod B,
Vice President