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heal your gut
build your body 
study your soul

breethe lifestyle is simple.

  • practice mindfulness

  • gratitude + awareness

  • sleep importance 

  • manage stress 

  • hormonal balancing 

  • gut biome balancing 

  • consistency + simplicity 

  • 90/10 approach 

  • calorie + macro targets 

  • find foods your gut LOVES

  • get STRONGER​

  • train full body 3 times a week

  • push to technical failure

  • track your progress

  • live an active lifestyle 

About Us


Hola! I am Bree Lowry
& the Founder of breethe

I help people train to get stronger, change their body composition, mindsets and unhealthy habits.

My vibe is to be authentic and attentive.

I hold space for clients to sweat, put aside their ego, be vulnerable, embrace insecurities all while focusing on moving better, breathing better, lifting better, and feeling better. 

I cultivate a climate for clients to adapt healthy habits and emphasize the importance of balance between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

We are all on this planet to enjoy it - so find your purpose and make it powerful.

My background in Kinesiology, athletic therapy courses, years working alongside top-notch clinicians,
as well as my own athletics & injuries have helped shaped me as a coach and guide for all my clients.
My knowledge in training, with over 8
 years of in-person clients and my deep curiosity with personal development (physically + mentally)
I have truly found my passion in the training & wellness world.

My purpose is to make living a healthy lifestyle simple, straightforward and enjoyable. 
& I welcome you to the family!



monday: 6am-6pm
tuesday: 6am-6pm
wednesday: 6am-6pm
thursday: 6am-6pm
friday: 7am-2pm 
saturday: closed
sunday: closed


phone: 289-929-8777


Make living healthy - simple.


Nervous? Good - the only change comes from discomfort!



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